ElliptiGO RSUB Stand Up Bike

ElliptiGO® RSUB

From cruising to competition, the RSUB is the premier road product in ElliptiGO’s SUB lineup with 700c tires and disk brakes

Recommended Add-on:

ElliptiGO Toe Cage

ElliptiGO ® Toe Cage

Set of 2 toe cages - increase acceleration and improve your climbing ability, target specific muscle groups.


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Freedom has arrived in the slick and stylish Road Stand Up Bike. The ElliptiGO RSUB is the premier road product in the SUB lineup and may be the fastest stand up bike on the road today. Full-size 700c tires and disc brakes provide a secure, steady and powerful ride, giving you the confidence to cruise or compete. Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll be riding in comfort and torching calories while you reinvent life on two wheels!


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